Participating in the Click

How do I participate in the Click?
  • To participate in the Click, please go to www.the-click.app/company and register.
  • To register, you’ll have to provide us with some information on your company.
  • Once the registration process is complete, we will review your application and get back to you shortly.
How long does it take to get approved to participate in the Click?
  • It usually takes 2 workings days to be approved for the Click, in most cases less.
  • Once you’ve been approved (or not), we’ll send you an email to let you know.
Why am I not able to join the Click?
  • For now, the Click is only available for retailers in De Haan and 4 specific Antwerp areas.
  • Feel free to check in regularly to see what new locations are added!
  • If you are a retailer in those areas, it is possible that we have not approved your participation in the Click due to errors in the information you submitted to us. Please double check your information and try to apply again.
How will this help my business?
  • Participating in the Click will increase visibility for your business and bring in new customers who may not have come into your shop otherwise.
  • You will grow your positive image as an actor in sustainable change!

Offers and Vouchers

How do I add an offer to the platform?
  • To add an offer to the platform, click the offer management page from the menu and click the add button.
  • Complete the details shown and we will review it.
  • Approving an offer will typically take up to 2 working days, usually less.
  • If you wish, you can also specify restrictions, such as max number of vouchers per person, day and time restrictions, etc.
  • If approved, we will set a selling price in Circular UCoins and, if applicable, a refund amount that you will receive for each redemption.
  • Please review all details carefully, then approve the offer if you are happy with the terms.
  • You can add more than one offer.
  • If you add translations for French and English as well, then more people will be likely to redeem your offers (if you don’t, our back office will translate your voucher).
How can I delete an offer?
  • You cannot delete an offer but you can deactivate offers that you have created or those that are optional.
What if I don’t have a limit on how many redemptions can be made of my offer?
  • All offers need to have an upper limit, but this can be a large number if you are happy for a lot of customers to redeem your offer.
  • If we are able to refund parts of the offer cost then we will set a max number to suit our sponsors' budgets.
How will I know my offer has been approved?
  • Keep checking your list of offers to see the latest comments and statuses.
How do I know if my offer is active?
  • Go to the offer management page. On this page, all your active offers will be listed in the green “Active” section.
How do I change the conditions of my offer after having activated it?
  • Go to the offer management page, look for the offer you would like to change, and click the settings icon. On the details section of this page, you will be able to change the details of your offer and optionally add or amend any restrictions
  • Note that if you make any changes to an active product it will be deactivated so we can check the details again. If everything looks ok, we will approve it from our end so you can review and activate it again.
How do I join offers available to everyone?
  • To join an offer available to everyone, go to the offer management page and scroll down to your inactive offers, look for the public ones, then click to view more information and to activate it.
  • You can also press the plus button from the list to activate it, but always take care to read all the information first.
Why was my offer rejected?
  • When we reject your offer, we will send you a message explaining why. To access the message, simply click on the settings wheel for the relevant offer and look for the changes history at the top right.
What can I do if my offer has been rejected?
  • If your offer is rejected, you can change its details and resubmit it for approval.
How do I scan a customer’s QR voucher?
  • Click on the transaction button on the main menu, then go to the QR voucher page where you can use your camera to scan your customer’s QR code.
  • If you have trouble scanning the QR code, you can type in the text code instead.
  • Alternatively you can scan in your phone’s camera mode, then click the URL, log in and accept the voucher.
Can I give vouchers to my customers?
  • No, customers can only buy vouchers with Circular UCoins in the Click’s e-shop.

Payments, Reimbursement, and Financial Info

How do I manage all the financial information related to my participation to the Click?
  • You can see a summary of all your financial information on your dashboard. To access your dashboard, go the “Home” page of the retailer site.
  • For information about each transaction, click the “transactions” page from the menu.
What do all the boxes mean on my dashboard?
  • The boxes on your dashboard give you all the financial information related to your participation in the Click.
  • From there you can track the progress of QR payments as well as QR vouchers.
How can I see my CUC?
  • For your convenience we convert your CUCs to Euros when displaying summary numbers on your dashboard etc. This should make it easier for you to balance your books.
How do I get reimbursed for my offers?
  • Some offers will have a reimbursement value, this can be seen in the details of each offer.
  • When you accept an offer with a reimbursement value, we will check it and if everything looks ok, you will receive a bank transfer within X working days.
When do I have to refund a customer?
  • If a customer wishes to pay part of the purchase with their CUCs they will need to pay the difference using a traditional payment method such as card or cash.
  • If the customer cannot pay the difference, you should cancel the transaction and refund the CUCs to the customer.
How do I refund a customer?
  • If a refund is chosen immediately after payment, then you will be able to click a “refund” button then and there.
  • Alternatively, if the customer changes their mind within an hour of the purchase, you will be able to reverse the transaction from the “Refunds” screen.

Team management

Who should I add to my team?
  • You should add the employees who you’d like to accept QR payments and QR vouchers on behalf of your company.
  • Team members will be able to create payments and scan vouchers. However, they will not be able to see your dashboard, see the transactions list, create offers or edit your business account settings.
How do I add an employee to my team?
  • To add a team member, go to the team management page and click the Add Team Member button.
  • From there, you need to enter your employee’s first name, last name, and email address.
  • Your employee will then receive a welcome email with instructions to sign up.
How do I remove an employee from my team?
  • To remove a team member, go to the team management and click the Remove Team Member button.
  • From there, you can select a team member to remove.
  • Click the submit button to confirm removal.

Fraud Security and General Support

How are you monitoring abuse?
  • We have many ways to detect abuse in our system, both automated and manual.
  • If activity or transactions are flagged as suspicious, we will investigate further and potentially freeze the user account(s) involved during our investigation.
  • If you should be affected by this, we will let you know and potentially get in touch to ask for further information.
  • Anyone found to be in breach of our Terms and Conditions will be notified and excluded from any further participation.
Are you monitoring transactions for fraud?
  • All activity on the platform is carefully monitored, both automatically and manually.
  • Additionally, we have mystery shoppers using the system like any other users, feeding back to us on any discrepancies.
  • We do this to keep everyone safe, to stop bad actors from taking advantage of the programme, and to keep our financial backers willing to provide funding.
What kind of messages will I get in my inbox?
  • All emails sent to you from the system will appear here.
  • This includes welcome email, approve / reject outcome from your account application, temporary password if you use the forgotten password functionality, etc.
Can I respond to messages in my inbox?
  • No, messages you receive in your inbox are for informational purposes only.
Who can I contact for support?