Want to put an end to littering in the city and attract a host of new customers to your business? Click and enjoy increased turnover.

The Click encourages all citizens to change their mentality and to click in order to end litter in the city. With the Click app, citizens can earn Circular UCoins® by collecting litter and throwing their own litter in the appropriate trash. Participants first scan the waste and are then rewarded with points (Circular UCoins®). When the citizen has collected enough Circular UCoins®, he or she can redeem them for benefits from merchants. As a merchant, you attract a host of new customers to your business. Will you open your doors to them?

What are your advantages as a trader if you register?

1. New customers find their way to your business.

2. Your business gets a positive image because you help reduce litter.

3. If customers can redeem their Circular UCoins® at your business, you are also helping to reduce litter.

4. Less litter in the city means more enjoyable shopping and living experience, so customers, tourists and day visitors alike are happy to come to our city and to your business.

5. No long / costly / complex integration and no additional administration.

Signing up is easy. Watch our instructional film here.

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